Stage Left streams events and ensures those who deserve it get paid

We are on your side.

Artists set their ticket prices and stream directly through Stage Left: YOU decide how much artists / venue / management / crew make from the profits

Industry signs up for free

Artists, management, venues, engineers - you all sign up for free. You’ll get unique pages dedicated to you and your events.  And you choose who you're using. We’ll help you set them up, make sure they look amazing and automatically link through to your upcoming events.


Fans sign up for free

Fans also sign up for free and simply bookmark/pay to view the events they want. Video can be viewed on any laptop/desktop, tablet/mobile device or Smart TV over a browser. You can even view 360-degree broadcasts in VR headsets for total live-teleport immersion.


Why Stage Left?

  • Bespoke branded pages for your company and events
  • Dedicated artist pages with event auto-alerts
  • All your videos together under one professional banner
  • Easy monetization + best profits in the business
  • Integrated e-commerce & ticketing
  • Control your profit split between artists and industry
  • No ads
  • No copyright restrictions or censoring
  • No 'Up next' driving fans to other content
  • Stream from phone, tablet, laptop or venue
  • Completely free to use: no software charges
  • You'll be streaming within minutes


How do I actually stream video to my fans?

OK, so we envisage two broad scenarios depending on your level of equipment and expertise. 

Scenario one

You only have a mobile phone / tablet / laptop.  No problem - we'll send you a QR code.  You simply scan it and your phone's ready to stream live to the world.  It really is that easy! 

Set your ticket price, tell your fans & hit the broadcast button.  Boom.

Scenario two

You have a great venue with sound desk / lights / maybe multiple artists.  A virtual gig.  This is our favourite setup because it looks great, and it gives the wider industry a chance to make a living.  We can use your sound engineer's mix and switch live between cameras, making the most of your production for a really professional show.  

In reality most events fall somewhere between these two scenarios.  We might want a virtual festival that mixes live venues with recorded solo streams, from locations around the world ... no problem, we've got you covered.


Complete transparency

We are on your side.  The focus here is on getting max income to the people that really deserve it.  Artists set the ticket price and decide how much venue / management / crew make from the profits. Our long-term plan is to charge just 10% - to cover all our services, including:

  • Event management
  • Promotion of events / artists / channels
  • All e-commerce costs - including transaction fees, refunds & chargebacks
  • Artist <> Event streaming setup 
  • Cloud video transcoding / recording
  • Global content delivery

We are completely transparent so all profits go to you, the guys that really deserve it.


Live Streaming at no cost


Coming soon:

  • Exclusive merchandise – we help artists design merch that's unique to each performance.  Fans buy it - we fulfil - and artists take the profit.  Everyone wins.

  • Social interaction: front-row tickets so fans can chat with their friends and communicate directly with their favourite artists.



We've got you covered. Stage Left is built to support the entertainment industry: artists, management, venues, engineers.

We make sure your audience gets what it wants - a superb experience, with the money going where it belongs.

Together we can set up your events, sell your tickets and get you paid.


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