Stage Left was developed for the entertainment industry in response to lockdown

We know that artists, labels, venues and engineers have struggled as never before. Stage Left is dedicated to helping us get this industry back on its feet.

Just because people can’t visit a venue doesn’t mean they can’t experience great live events.


If there’s an online audience, we can still put on a professional show using a variety of world-class 2D and 360 streaming video.


Your Artists
Any Venue
Your Crew
The Label
Your Engineers


So artists get paid, the venue gets paid … and while we’re at it, why don’t we get your best sound & lighting engineers back in for a really professional show. This is about supporting the entire industry – and the Stage Left team will guide you through, from setup to delivery to distributed payment.


No Upfront Fees


No subscription

No broadcast charge

Flat Rate On Sales


Tiny platform cut

Predictable profits

Integrated Ticketing


No 3rd-parties

Secure access

Payment Control


Pay your people

Control profits




We've got you covered. Stage Left is built to support the entertainment industry: artists, management, venues, engineers.

We make sure your audience gets what it wants - a superb experience, with the money going where it belongs.

Together we can set up your events, sell your tickets and get you paid.


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